Monday, January 24, 2005


One of my Latin teachers told us in class the other day about his problems with the chalkboard. He said, "In grad school, they teach you how to teach, but not how to write on the board." True.

His first story was about teaching in a huge lecture hall. He was writing on the board and when he turned around to look at what he had written, he took a step back and fell off the podium-area. lol.

"If you want to hear a really embarrassing story," he says, "Listen to this."

Apparently he was teaching a Roman History course at the University where he used to teach.
On the board, he wrote:

Now, having learned his lesson about turning around entirely before, he attempted to underline part of the word without turning around. He did so, intending to explain how the form showed that Octavianus was the son of Octavius, and then asked if anyone knew what this meant:
I really hope I don't ever do that in front of the class....Ha!!